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The Heart of Everything Digital

Coding is at the heart of everything digital – it defines what is possible and how a product feels. [As a designer] you need to be at least curious about coding yourself. Obviously this works the other way round as well: All our developers have a good understanding of interaction design and usually get involved in UI discussions.

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Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter - AHS Sikorsky Prize Flight. Who thinks of this stuff?? Awesome.

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So there are wedding videos and then there are wedding videos. This teaser is of a video shot by creative pal John Stephens and his studio Iris and Light, and it leaves me absolutely in awe.

I guess the other thing that helps is the location: Iceland…

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Our little #crooner. #teddylpz is taking requests right now. And also, phone numbers… (at my house, my rules.)

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New Find: Jonas Alaska

Great Album! Sounds like a Tweedy/McCartney/Wings influence.

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The best ideas come from people who are given autonomy and encouraged to master whatever it is they do

William M. McKnight

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Great EP.

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Just chatting it up with my buddy #teddylpz.

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:: sings :: one-of-these things is-not like the o-ther… :: love my birthday pen from @jonnaisaac

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Daft Punk’s – “Random Access Memories” possibly the best DP ever

I mean just take a listen (if you haven’t already). It’s a nostalgic but completely brand spanking new sound. Completely prestine audio too. Just crisp.