July 11, 2013No Comments


So there are wedding videos and then there are wedding videos. This teaser is of a video shot by creative pal John Stephens and his studio Iris and Light, and it leaves me absolutely in awe.

I guess the other thing that helps is the location: Iceland…

March 15, 2013No Comments

The Show Ponies are some of the most funny and creative peeps I know.  They are exceptionally gifted musicians with a penchant for nostalgic awesome. This video is proof. So after you watch this video and have wiped your tears from laughing so hard, go to their Indiegogo page and give ‘em some dough. 

All the best to their next album!

March 9, 2013No Comments


Fun with steel wool in the desert

Dirk Dallas is the man. So impressed with where he’s taken his photography. Much respect brotha!