July 5, 2013No Comments

New Find: Jonas Alaska

Great Album! Sounds like a Tweedy/McCartney/Wings influence.

May 24, 2013No Comments

Daft Punk’s – “Random Access Memories” possibly the best DP ever

I mean just take a listen (if you haven’t already). It’s a nostalgic but completely brand spanking new sound. Completely prestine audio too. Just crisp.

April 19, 2013No Comments

New Daft punk song. Pharrel. Jammin. Get lucky. Yes. 

March 29, 2013No Comments

The Brazil you never heard. Inara George from The Bird and The Bee singing her songs in the smooth of brazil. What a combo.

March 15, 2013No Comments

The Show Ponies are some of the most funny and creative peeps I know.  They are exceptionally gifted musicians with a penchant for nostalgic awesome. This video is proof. So after you watch this video and have wiped your tears from laughing so hard, go to their Indiegogo page and give ‘em some dough. 

All the best to their next album!

February 1, 2013No Comments


Probably one of the most entrenching documentaries of Bill Evans and his philosophy on musicality, creativity, and structure. This just solidifies why his music has so profoundly changed the way I appreciate it. Not a light watch (45 minutes) but definitely a must see for all you musicians out there.

I wonder where all the Bill’s are these days!? Le’sigh.

January 30, 2013No Comments

Luckily you don’t have to understand music to enjoy it. SUCH a killer video. The #mograph is muy excellente. See more work by Finally.