A conversation between me and Jonna Isaac:

Jonna Isaac: http://d.pr/i/cFVk

Me: All I see is maternity stuff now

Me: But Its new territory for me filled with old russian landmines

Me: For example: I suggest a skinny pant, she says “IM TOO FAT FOR THESE” wide leg pant: “EXCUSE ME? WIDE LEG???” Its all too much for me. Above the belly under the belly, WHAT DO I CHOOSE. Nuh uh… I’m staying away from buying maternity clothing for my wife… 

Me: Also because when I see stuff like this: http://d.pr/i/5QYB  I think of this http://d.pr/i/FubG


Me: Precisely the reason I’m staying away from buying maternity clothing, my brain is too jacked for those kinds of purchases.

Jonna: By the way, pregnant ladies everywhere will hate you for making that comparison.

Me: So I shouldn’t post this to my blog?