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Home is Where theโ€ฆ Phone Is?


"Phone" and "home" used to mean something entirely different in the 80s, but now phone has nothing to do with our location. Its like saying fingers at home? or fingers at work? Because the Device has become so engrained in who we are as people, location is irrelevant unless you’re checking in somewhere. Since when did we let our phones fuse to our hips?

There used to be a joke among some friends of mine in the past when the ipod first came out. It annoyed the heck out of me when I saw every single person on my college campus “wired in”. Wired in while they walked, ate, sat, pooped (this is an assumption). It was like the iPod was the new underwear, except it was underwear that was always worn on the outside (think Superman).



Fast forward to ohโ€ฆ about now.ย Facebook Home. The teaser video immediately rubbed me the wrong way because our iPods have turned into our phones and how they’re not fused to our hips, but implanted in our hearts. This technology is no longer a way to connect to people, it’s a way to separate from others. Being a tech-ie,ย I’m all about strengthening connectivity, but why do we need to have a device be the conduit for our interactions with people. Isn’t that what our eyes, ears, and legs are for? This may be what we’re evolving to but Wall-E is becoming more and more of a prophesy piece and less of a family movie, and that scares me.

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